John is a Bedford County schoolteacher, grandfather, and experienced political activist.


He is a citizen, not a politician.





Leading education activist at the state and local level.


Multiple commendations for fighting President Obama's

Race to the Top and Common Core federal takeover of Tennessee schools.


Cited nationally by Breitbart News as free speech activist.


Worked in Volunteers for Virginia with Michael Patrick Leahy during 2012 presidential campaign.


John’s extensive education research published by the National Board of Educational Testing and Public Policy.


Served over 10 years as officer on Bell Buckle Volunteer Fire Department.


Current active member Bell Buckle Park Board.


Founder and publisher of Patriot-Commentator, a small newspaper that helped lead the fight against corruption and environmental degradation in the sub-prime building industry in Bedford County.


Participated in successful effort to remove Obamacare supporter 

Representative Bart Gordon from Congress.


Writer for Rolling Stone magazine, the Nashville Scene, and various national publications.


Rode bicycle from Bell Buckle, Tennessee, to President George W. Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine, to tell Bush what ordinary Americans think. 


Rode bicycle to South Dakota in 2010.   Turned around and rode 500 miles across Iowa.


Retired skydiver with 300 jumps. 


Avid motorcyclist.  Has motorcycled solo through most of Mexico. 


Speaks Spanish.  Self-taught, still learning.  Working to become fluent.


Experienced solo wilderness backpacker.


Climbed to the summit of Mt. Ararat (17,000 feet, glacial) near Iran’s border with Turkey in Kurdistan looking for archaeological evidence of Noah’s Ark.  Visited with nomadic Kurds.


Hitchhiked across Wyoming on 60th birthday.


Traveled to mountains of western Mexico in 2012 to learn Yaqui medicine dance.


Acted in kung-fu movie in 2013.


Ballroom dancer.


Avid shooter, gun owner. Tennessee Firearms Association member.


Past Little League umpire.


Graduate Cum Laude University of California, Santa Barbara, anthropology with mathematics.


Like America, John's life has been colorful.  "If you've heard something shocking about me, it’s probably true,” he said in his first campaign speech. 


Runs 5 miles per day, M-F.


Works out at Olympus gym in Shelbyville.


Best 10K time: 36:39.   Best marathon time: 2:57                     Best 50 mile time: 7:26


Tenacity of a junkyard dog.  Bites politicians. 


Kisses babies.