Some of John's Legislative Goals

These are good ideas. I would like to see honest, fact-based discussion and debate about all of them take place in full public view.  The Constitution of the United States outlines the best system in history for collective decision making.  We don’t need to fear differences of opinion if our system of governance is sound.



Replace Obamacare with legislation that removes Washington from decisions that belong to individuals and the states.


Eliminate the United States Department of Education and with it, Common Core and Race to the Top.  Eliminate federal involvement in K-12 education, returning it to local systems and the states.


Write new legislation to entirely replace the NSA.  Tightly restrict the new intelligence program so that it does not violate the privacy and rights of U.S. citizens.


Eliminate the IRS and institute an appropriate set of flat taxes.


Begin a multi-year process of eliminating the Federal Reserve System.


Pass a resolution of Congress assertively affirming the intent of the 2nd Amendment.


Secure our borders for safe, orderly, tightly controlled passage. Restrict immigration tightly until our own economic, security, and other national affairs are in order. 


Remove the federal government from recreational drug use policy.


There are U.S. military personnel in over 150 countries around the globe.  Bring them home.

Especially get U.S. military and quasi-military personnel out of Africa and Latin America. 


Let the countries of Europe, Japan, South Korea, and others provide and pay for their own defense.


Emphasize and fully support advanced technology defense systems research and development.  Maintain overwhelming advanced technology defense superiority. 


Eliminate taxpayer-funded foreign aid.


Write new legislation to entirely replace the Patriot Act with narrowly focused, Constitutional law to guard national security.


Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security.  Replace it with a narrowly focused agency that coordinates internal domestic anti-terrorist security.  Include particularly stringent congressional oversight.


Carefully re-examine and re-evaluate all disability, food stamp, and other welfare cases.  Focus the programs on those who have actual need, especially children.  Localize programs as much as possible.


Make Social Security efficient and sustainable.  Consider alternatives.